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Congratulations on your Engagement!
I love every moment of a wedding ceremony, it’s a time to celebrate one of the most memorable days of your life as you purposely declare your heartfelt promises that reflect your love and commitment for life, to each other.
I will ensure your Wedding Day ceremony is personalised, as it should reflect your individuality and, as well, your unique identity as a couple. Together we can prepare the ceremony to be unique, friendly and professional. The style and type of ceremony is your choice, whether it be large, intimate, formal, traditional, casual, or something in-between. Your vows, rituals and readings, will be well-prepared, ensuring that every step is relaxed and runs smoothly. Extra meaningful moments such as a uniting sand ceremony, rose ceremony, tea ceremony or butterfly release, are all possible. However, it is my legal duty to attend to the official documentation that is required before, during and after your wedding, to ensure you are validly married.
It is so very important to me, that your Wedding Ceremony is just perfect for you both, reflecting your personalities, beliefs and wishes. Love is not discriminatory and for this reason I believe that all people, regardless of their gender, should be able to commit to a loving relationship that is recognised by law.
Whether you decide to create your day on a beach, by a lake, in your own home, on a boat or at a function centre, as a Civil Celebrant, my commitment to you is to provide a legal, professional, friendly and heartfelt service that reflects your vision and aspirations.
So what’s involved?….Because a wedding ceremony is legally binding, there are a few more steps that are necessary to make you legally married! Let’s take a look at ‘the initial meeting’ information below.

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