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Everyone is unique. Every family has their personal way of doing things. So it is not surprising that the way a person’s life is celebrated & remembered before being sent off into the afterlife should also be unique.

The most common send-offs are a memorial or funeral service.

The difference between these two is that at a funeral, the body of the deceased person is present during the ceremony. A memorial service does not have the body of the deceased person there & can be arranged to be at any venue.

When choosing an end-of-life presenter or celebrant, consider the following personal qualities, attributes and skills:

  • Ability to write with excellent writing skills.

  • A mature, calm, reassuring & sensitive manner.

  • A good public speaking voice and confidence to speak to a large or small group of people during what may possibly be an emotional & challenging experience.

  • Dress well with a smart appearance.

  • A genuine interest in providing a quality service and improving the choice and quality of an end-of-life ceremony.

  • Availability for service.

I am a Registered Nurse, having had the privilege of sharing the most intimate of moments and life changing events, with people from all walks of life & of all ages. I have witnessed the love expressed as a baby is born, the joyful moment of the couple just married & the quiet moment of death of a loved one.

Choosing the right Celebrant is a very important personal decision that only you can make. Find one that resonates with you; one that can evoke a feeling of shared understanding, belief and connection. Ask yourself... does this person feel right?

I am passionate in what I do, personal in my approach and professional in my delivery.

I am currently only available on weekends to present a ceremony service. However, I look forward to discussing your needs initially through email or phone call. If you feel I may be ‘right for you’ & be able to support & guide you through the ceremony at what may be a most challenging time for you & your family, please contact me.

End of Life : Service
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