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The Family Celebrant

As a civil celebrant, I identify not only as a Wedding Celebrant but as a Family Celebrant. I offer many celebrant services that will inspire a lifetime of celebration! Let’s take a look!

Coming of Age:

A time to celebrate our independence!

We should look at our coming of age celebrations and celebrate what it actually means to become an adult. Let’s look at some of your newfound independence, responsibilities & liberties:

  • Voting.

  • Signing legal documents, buying a house, signing a lease.

  • Gambling... responsibly

  • Independent travel.  

  • Drinking legally, but of course, mature enough to drink responsibly. 

  • Whoo Hoo!

So why not make your coming of age party more meaningful with a ceremony that honours who you are, where you've come from and where you're going in your life? 

Special Birthdays & Celebrating an Older person:

Is Mum turning 60? Is Gran or Granddad turning 80?   What are we going to do about it? 

If you decide that it would be a great time to get the family together and have a bit of a party to celebrate.  Why not celebrate in a style befitting family elders and leaders by giving your loved one a Party with a Purpose!

What a fabulous way to celebrate their interesting lives. Have you got any photos, memorabilia, poems, newspaper cuttings, artefacts?

So, how do you add ceremony to their personal event?  I’m glad you asked! 

Stuck for a gift?...Let the celebration be the gift!  What about a  "This is your life" tribute theme to honour their lives, their accomplishments, their hardships, their knowledge and their experiences. Have they got any life-long friends who could add a story or two? Create a book of memories that the guests have contributed to with photos and tales of the person you are honouring; ask all the guests to write a memory to celebrate what they love about them. 

This is such a transitional time in a person’s life.  They have just worked through many years of study to be where they are now standing proud with certificate/diploma/degree/PhD! Their achievement should be celebrated, for all the effort & commitment they have endured. As your celebrant, I can help you with ideas & work towards a memorable celebration with you to design your ideal ceremony. As well, I will act as presenter at the ceremony, taking the pressure off you!

Name Changes:

Naming Ceremonies are also for people who are transitioning from one gender to another or simply wanting a new beginning in their lives where a new name is part of that transition. This is not a legal ceremony. 

To find out more about legally changing your gender/name, follow the link: 13.11.21).

Other Celebrations: Service
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