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Congratulations on your Engagement!

Thank you for taking the time to view my Website. I hope that you will find this information helpful & inspiring!

Celebrants displaying the rainbow ring logo, have a policy of treating the LGBTI community with dignity & respect. They support the Marriage equality movement & same sex marriage.

The logo, combines easily recognised symbols, wedding rings, rainbow colours, & the equal sign. It was initiated & designed specifically for celebrants by Judy Aulich & Charles Foley, so that members of the LGBTI community can easily find celebrants who will welcome their business.

I love every moment of a wedding ceremony. It’s a time to celebrate one of the most memorable days of your life, as you purposely declare your heartfelt promises that reflect your love & commitment to each other.

Additionally, quality of service is very important to me & so I will help you every step of the way to have your ceremony personalised & just the way you intended. It should reflect your individuality & as well your unique identity as a couple. Together, we can prepare the ceremony to be unique, friendly & professional. The style & type of ceremony is your choice, whether it be large, intimate, formal, traditional, casual, or something in-between. You may wish to include a reading or a traditional ritual, such as a uniting sand ceremony or rose ceremony. I will ensuring that every step is relaxed & runs smoothly.

Of course, it is my legal duty to attend to the official documentation that is required before, during & after your wedding, to ensure you are validly married.

It is paramount to me, that your Wedding Ceremony is just perfect for you both, reflecting your personalities, beliefs & wishes. Love is not discriminatory & for this reason I believe that all people, regardless of their gender, should be able to commit to a loving relationship that is recognised by law.

No matter where you decide to get married, as a Civil Celebrant my commitment to you is to provide a legal, professional & friendly service, that reflects your vision & aspirations.

I am based in the Eurobodalla, & travel the South Coast, Wollongong to Eden NSW. Choosing the right Celebrant is a very important personal decision, so please, feel free to contact me either by email or phone, to have a chat.

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