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Have you decided to renew your vows?

A renewal of vows is the perfect way to celebrate your love & reaffirm the promises you made on your wedding day! Perhaps you may even want to make a couple of new promises?

A vow renewal ceremony, is a fabulous celebration of your marriage & can be planned easily and confidently with a little guidance.

The ceremony can be arranged at any time in your married life. Perhaps after a difficult set of circumstances you’ve both endured. It may also be a way of saying goodbye when faced with end of life from illness. For others, it may be at that special milestone such as an anniversary (10, 25, or 50 years).

More recently, so many couples may have had to forgo their celebration of marriage, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This has been a time many were only able to have a small wedding or an elopement. Now you can celebrate with family & more guests to create that fun-filled day to remember! Other couples may be so crazy in love after the first year of marriage that they simply want to say “I do” all over again. Remember, there is no set rule as to when to have one, it may be just a heartfelt feeling, that now the time is right.

Where to get started...

Well, the pressure is off this time! There is no need to get caught up in a wedding plan & it doesn’t have to be expensive!  Your vow renewal ceremony should be unique to you both with heart-felt purpose, as you re-commit to each other & you can have all the special aspects of a wedding ceremony.

Is it a legal ceremony?

A vow renewal is purely ceremonial. You will not have any legal wording or need for registration with your states department of Births Death & Marriages.

This means you’re not limited to where or when you have your ceremony & you don’t even need an authorised celebrant. However, since it's a public speaking role, consider who might be confident to prepare & conduct your ceremony. If you’d rather have your family & friends in a relaxed mindset & just enjoy the whole day.... then call me.... I’d love to help you!

Renewal of Vows: Event Services
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